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Christmas Llama

By Gavin Davies

A (nearly!) all-behringer, all-red funk jam! I used the TD-3 for the bassline, through a Behringer octaver pedal for more body. The “lead” bit is through the Neutron. I didn’t realise it was all-Behringer until I had recorded it! The drums are from the Arturia Drumbrute Impact.

Without any CV going into it, the Neutron oscillators behave strangely, unpredictable pitch, but thankfully that didn’t affect this tune.

I love the TD3 because I can tinker with it on the couch and it’s already survived one toddler smash attack. I use the TD-3 to drive the Neutron here with the CV outs, and the Drumbrute drives the TD3 via the sync input.

Download Christmas-Llama.mp3