Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Human Sacrifice

By Gavin Davies

An acid jam on the TD3 and Drumbrute. My first experience programming patterns into the TD3, it’s quite fun actually, bit of a weird interface but that’s the appeal IMO.

Samples are from Jonathan Prageau - - who frames abortion in the context of human sacrifice - killing another in the hope of having a better life ourselves. Statistically, very few (<5%) of abortions are due to incest, rape or the mother’s health being at risk - the vast majority are for lifestyle/economic/elective reasons. It’s a complex picture, but abortion stops a beating heart, a person with his or her own DNA, made in the image of God, with infinite worth and dignity. That said, there’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and joy for those who have gone down this route, if they will turn to Jesus. Likewise, those of us who profess Jesus should be involved in adoption, fostering and supporting struggling families.

Download Human-Sacrifice.mp3