Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

gavD - Cry of the Wretched

By Gavin Davies

Written, performed, recorded in 1 hour. My 2 year old broke the family electric guitar, and about 9 months later I finally got it fixed, so I am writing some of the kind of music that’s in my blood - punk, metal, thrash, hardcore. Laid down guitar in Garageband, and used Garageband’s virtual drummer, then “sang”

Download Cry-of-the-Wretched.mp3

Mandatory medical treatment Nuremburg shot in the arm Socially crushed, and atomised First of all do no harm

Hear the cry of the wretched Hear the cry of the wretched Hear the cry of the wretched Ones

Standing unwelcome on breadlines Barefaced lies on the streets Misrepresented in the headlines The cathedral baring its teeth