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Bass Envelope Filter pedal build

By Gavin Davies

I built an envelope filter from FuzzDog (PedalParts). It turned out really nice! I used to have an EHX Bass Balls back in the day and I like this better!

I sprayed it orange. Sounds throaty and fun to fiddle with.

I edited the movie together in iMovie on my iPad - the audio ran from the pedal thru a REALLY cheapo guitar amp then into a Behringer UC202 into the iPad. Quite impressed with iMovie on iPad, never used it before!

Prepping the build - I sort each resistor in order (left hand side)

Safety with solder - I use a fume absorber and a fan to blow fumes towards said absorber. Cheap but better’n nothing. I solder in a big room too, not in a cupboard.

Setting the PCB up in my PCB board holder - this is super helpful for flipping the board over during soldering.

Drilling holes in the enclosure.

Testing the board - always do this before mounting in the enclosure!

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