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Fuzzdog pedal builds - overdrive, distortion, compression

By Gavin Davies

Back in February, I got into building effects pedals. I properly got the bug, and now I’ve now built about a dozen!

A couple of recent ones:

Hype-R-Rat (base on the ProCo Rat):

Little Screamer (based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer):

These are both great on guitar, but SOOO GOOOOOD on synth, so I made a track with 5 of my hand-built pedals, “Hand Made Metal Pedals“:

Download Hand-Made-Metal-Pedals.mp3

I’ve got into painting them:

It doesn’t always go how I expect, apparently I don’t know how to use masking tape:

However, some of them look great! Check out the compressor on the right:

I tried using a paint pen on this reverb. My handwriting is bobbins, spoiling the effect somewhat:

Doing your own drilling is harder and takes more time, but saves a quid or two!:


What’s really pleasing is I was able to fix a compressor pedal that I tried and failed to build back in the summer, so my skills are gradually improving.

Inside, my wiring and soldering are getting neater

Here’s everything I’ve built so far:

I buy my pedal kits mostly from Fuzzdog, with a few from Jed’s Peds. I prefer the printed PCBs over faffing around with stripboard, although the first pedal I made was on raw stripboard.

There’s another video of me playing with my own pedals - “Handled Temperamental Box” and honestly I use them on quite a lot of my tracks… They’re built to be used!

I find the process of building a pedal extremely soothing, I don’t know why. I’m enjoying this hobby immensely! If it didn’t cost at least £30 a pop to build a pedal and I didn’t need to earn money, I’d build ‘em every day I reckon!

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DIY pedals also pop up on most of the Shinbones Man music I make these days!