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Octave Master pedal build (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Fuzzed out, squared out, glitched out - I love it! Smooth and fun build.

I built Fuzzdog’s Octave Master effects pedal and oh man it is fun!

The build took about 90 minutes to solder the PCB, and a further 90 minutes to mount all the components in the case and wire them up. It’s a large enclosure with lots of room (1590BB).

As ever, Fuzzdog’s instructions were clear, the supplied parts were all correct, and I had a wonderful time building it, and an even better time testing it!

Based on the Bit Commander, the Octave Master is a thick, fat, huge sound with all 4 octaves kicked in. Fuzzed out, squared out, glitched out - I love it, and can’t wait to wire it into my patch bay in my synth cupboard!

The PCB - check out that big transformer!:

On test bed:

Getting the innards sorted:

Labelled it up:

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