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NiM (no-input mixer improv with video)

By Gavin Davies

I discovered no input mixer music this week, and gave it a go! No input mixer music means you make music from feeding the mixer back into itself, generally through effects pedals; there are no external instruments.

Download NiM.mp3

The mixer is a Behringer Xenyx 1202 with a stereo pair going out to a Behringer UB802 that’s only there to mix in reverb and forward the mix to a crummy little Behringer UCA202 (I think) audio interface.

The pedals used are all homemade, you can find videos and blog posts about most of them on my website . They’re mostly Fuzzdog kits with a couple of Jed’s Peds.

For this sonic sketch, I used:

  • Analog Bitcrusher
  • Octave Master
  • Tremolo
  • Echo Blue Delay
  • Tube Screamer clone
  • Bass Balls clone

I had the FX loop back into channel 1 going thru most of the effects, and the control room out to 2, and the headphone out via the Octave Master to 3.

I think with a bit of time and patience, there’s a lot of sonic potential, but because the whole thing is essentially feedback, little movements make huge differences!

It’s a lot of fun, and it really is something a bit different.