Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Little Donkey (metal version)

By Gavin Davies

Metal version of my favourite Christmas carol, “Little Donkey”. Although there’s no Biblical evidence that Mary rode a donkey, one day a donkey and her colt WOULD carry the King of Kings into Jerusalem - it was prophesied in Zecheriah 9 and the fulfilment of that prophecy is recorded in Mark’s Gospel, chapter 11, Matthew 21, and John 12.

This track took 35 minutes from beginning to end to produce. All done it one take, mistakes and vocal clipping are left in place!

I learned some interesting stuff about donkeys in the Bible:

“Zechariah 9, verse 9 said ‘Behold O Jerusalem of Zion, the King comes onto you meek and lowly riding upon a donkey.’ Now, by the way, most people have it in their mind that the meekness and the lowliness was the donkey. That’s not so. The donkey was a royal steed in the Old Testament. The king rode on a donkey, that’s very, very important. Not a horse, because then He’d have to be a conqueror, but because He was in charge here, He rode on a donkey. And remember when Absalom usurped the kingdom from his father, David, the first thing he did was to go get his royal donkey and ride through the streets of the city. When it says He comes meek and lowly, the idea is He comes with no military apparatus. He doesn’t bring an army, He comes meek and lowly riding upon a donkey. So, the donkey, I think, is the sign of His kingliness.” - Doug Bookman.

Download Little-Donkey-metal-version.mp3