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Robbo's Quest

By Gavin Davies

A game of Robbo, sir! A serious computer game about a top boy, and his noble quest to be reunited with Stevens, the horse! Playable in-browser

Robbo’s Quest is on Newgrounds!

Escape from a toilet, gather a team of top lads, find cottage cheese in sewers, use light switches, and do combat and talking. Experience being Robbo, a top boy!

You will enjoy it sir, oh yes my sir!

My first game in 12 years! Hey, where did Flash go?! Where did the time go?! And who put this grey in my hair?!

First person “blobber” RPG inspired by games like Akalabeth or Wizardry (but not so silly hard!), but with colour graphics, 3 planes of movement, speech, etc. The engine is 100% hand-built in Flash, it doesn’t use any libraries. I’m not a main guy of maths but I’m very pleased I managed this 3d engine, idiosyncratic as it is!

It’s kind of “responsive” so it can run at any resolution pretty much.

It’s an alpha really in the sense that I built the game engine about 2 years ago - it works, it’s a coherent game with goals and a story and lots of things to do, but to make it proper good would require a lot of tuning of enemy attack strength etc, and I don’t really have time for that. I think the Wizardry guys spent years just on those things! I’d also need to replace some of the assets because some of them are just PNGs off the Internet. There’s a map editor tool and data files so maybe I could open source the engine if anyone was properly interested in developing a game based on this engine.

The story of how I wrote Robbo’s Quest - and why - is available on this site!