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Dot Matrix Swansong (with video)

By Gavin Davies

A sound like a dot matrix printer emerged as I was faffing about, so I wrote a generative patch so that a printer could sing it’s death song.

It’s not pretty music for nice listening, more a sound design kinda thing.

The gear behind the track

I was trying to reproduce a noise issue I’d had with my Deepmind 6 whereby there was digital noise (possibly groundloop related?) when the Eurorack gear was also running.

However, I couldn’t reproduce it! But this weird dot matrix sound was emerging…

It sounded pretty vanilla until I routed the sound through my Wave Folder into an LPG, and the Behringer filterbank shaped the sound nicely.

I made a generative patch over the top using my Make Noise 0-Coast, linked into the modular quantiser, so it sounded a bit coherent but still all over the place and sad.

The chap behind the track is the home for all my nonsense.

Download Dot-Matrix-Swansong.mp3