Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shinbones Man - Solemn Shadow (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Another long day. Feeling old and tired, my back hurts. Still, I’m glad to be alive and made some dark, moody, slightly dubby stuff.

I rebuilt my modular synth today (trying to find an annoying whine that turned out to only manifest on my big mixer for some reason; probably not power because it was OK on another mixer on the same socket). Swapped out a few of the modules; always gives me ideas doing that…

I’ve got nowhere to put my camera at the moment because my interface doesn’t reach the new desk so it’s shakycam city until I figure it out!

The gear behind the track

Squarp Pyramid + hand build pedals + Deepmind 6 + 0 Coast + Eurorack + RD6 + RD8 + RD9 + SR16! All the gear, no idea, them’s me specialties!

The “talking” part is an NW-1 oscillator with some random octaves.

Download Solemn-Shadow.mp3