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Squarp Pyramid faulty USB-Mini power supply diagnosis and repair (with video)

By Gavin Davies

My beloved Squarp Pyramid sequencer started cutting out on me… I diagnosed the fault and repaired the power supply.

It cut out on me once, and I assumed a glitch or I knocked the USB Minijack (poor choice for a power supply IMO!)

But then it happened again the next time I used it.

Then again. Then it wouldn’t turn on at all!


I diagnosed the fault using a USB analysis tool, which cost me £50, and some breakout boards, which cost substantially less!

I was able to get it going again by reflowing the solder on one leg of what I think was an inductor.

HOWEVER given that the inductor smelled a bit burnt when I opened up the power supply, I’ll never trust this power supply again. I’ve ordered a replacement from Squarp.

Still, I’m well pleased that I got the sequencer going again - mostly I was scared I’d bricked the sequencer by turning my whole studio on at the wall instead of unit by unit! What’s best practise? I don’t know really. I’ve also ordered a power conditioner for a tiny bit more safety.