Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shinbones Man - Pro Ponytrekking (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Just got back from church prayer meeting, feeling full of joy and energy despite the horrors of the world, because God is in control and Jesus is coming back. How can anyone have peace without that assurance? As hard as life is, the hope of the Gospel is an anchor for the soul.

The sound

Behringer Edge is the main percussion with some cymbals and hats from the RD-9. Bass line is on the TD-3-MO and lead line the PRO-VS.

The little Pro-VS is great in my view. This is the first sound I’ve made with it, very simple, using the Vintage oscillator mode in the latest firmware.

The Edge is the most fun synth I’ve ever played. Endlessly tweakable! The reversing sound comes from flicking the filter to high pass and flicking the attack to slow.

Download Pro-Ponytrekking.mp3