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Shinbones Man - Norfolk Coast Arcade King (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Tooling around with some sounds.

I’ve got a new workflow whereby my Scarlett audio interface is permanently hooked into the control room out of the desk, and I run a 5m USB over to my Mac, which is connected to a Logitech Stream Cam. I capture audio in garageband and video in Quicktime then blend ‘em in iMovie (you can’t use external cam on iMovie for some reason!)

I’m very pleased with the increased ease of use, WAAAAY easier than faffing around trying to get my phone or iPad in the right place, but the Logitech camera is a flipping potato, what a waste of money! Still, it means I can record stuff a touch more straightforwardly.

Anyway, tooling around with some sounds… Honestly, dubby the second half of the track is the bit I should have kept, the first bit ain’t great, although it needs a bit more swing!

  1. Arp: Behringer Pro VS Mini
  2. Beats: SR-16
  3. Bass: 0 coast (maybe a bit pitchy)
  4. Chords: Deepmind 6

Download Norfolk-Coast-Arcade-King.mp3