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Korg Volca sample pack from my synths

By Gavin Davies

Having released the “volcanoeffort” EP, made entirely on a Volca gen 1 with stock samples, I decided to load my own samples on to the machine..

I recorded my synths/drum machines via the Behringer XR12 desk’s USB socket.

You will need the Vosyr Korg Volca Sampler Manager.

If you don’t have a Volca, or just want the raw (mono, 44khz) WAV files, here they are!

Most of these I made myself, but not all of them. Here’s a high level breakdown:

Sample range Made by me? Notes
0-5 Yes Make Noise 0-Coast bass sounds
6-14 Yes Behringer RD-8 (808 clone) samples
15 Yes “Crump” sound
16-19 Yes Deepmind 6 bass, foghorn and chords
20-30 Yes Behringer Edge sounds
31-44 Yes Waldorf NW-1 wavetable sounds
45-55 Yes Behringer Pro-VS chords, major and minor
56-58 Yes Alesis SR-16 samples
59-64 Yes Behringer Wasp samples
65-92 No Linn drum samples Efflux of K+ makes great use of Linn samples, so I wanted a go!
93-99 No PPG choir samples

Here’s a demo of the sample pack in action:


If you want to hear my EP made solely with the stock samples, it’s here, it’s called volcanoeffort