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Shinbones Man - volcanoeffort

By Gavin Davies

Ryan challenged me to make an EP on a broken Volca Sample that he gave me…. So I did!

First I had to fix it, o’course, which you can see here. Available on all streaming platforms, including:

  1. Spotify

Waiting on Distrokid to deploy this album elsewhere :-)

Album art

1 Ryan Is Cool, Actually

I repaired this Volca Sample that Ryan of @leadbylies gave me. He challenged me to make an EP on it - FINE here’s track 1!

Download Ryan-Is-Cool-Actually.mp3

2 Finger Jab

Second track recorded live on the Volca Sample I repaired that Ryan gave me. He challenged me to write an EP with it - here’s track 2!

Messing around with dance sounds here, a bit more straightforward than the last track “Ryan is cool, actually”

Recorded via a cheapo Behringer audio interface into my Cat S62 telephone. I want to try explaining that to 90s Gav!

This looks a bit clippy in the audio. It’s weird, just because the audio interface isn’t clipping doesn’t necessarily mean the phone I recorded it on isn’t clipping! Doesn’t sound too distorted on my Mac’s speakers, though, so I’ll allow it.

Download Finger-Jab.mp3

3 Slapdoom

Crunchy lo-fi hip hop performed on a Volca Sample that I repaired

This is track 3 of the EP Ryan challenged me to make on it.

Download Slapdoom.mp3

4 Monkey Cough

I’ve been sick for 3 weeks and I’m utterly sick of it. I’m not sick of this Korg Volca Sample yet though!

Custom sample pack

Whilst I made “volcanoeffort” with all stock Volca samples, I then made my own sample pack, available here.