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Covvy XR2206 function generator kit (£6.99 from Amazon) - Gav Tries To Build (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I’ve wanted a function generator for a while. They can be useful for testing circuits by feeding in a known frequency and testing to see if it degrades (for example). Amazon sold me one for £6.99. I shouldn’t buy things from Bezos, really, but I do, and SO DO YOU. Probably.

Anyway, Maplins has evaporated, so we’re left with RS components or bitsbox or similar and Amazon are just so darn efficient, aren’t they?

Aaaaaaanyway, I filmed myself building the function generator (AKA signal generator) but I did a voiceover later. Reason: I wanted my podcasts on in the same way that Gramma wants her stories. I like doing repair/build vids but I also like a constant flow of podcasts/sermons/lectures. I listen to it like I listened to music in my 20s.

The second half of this video is me testing the contraption on my 45 year old oscilloscope. Well, it might not be 45 years old, but the design definitely is. It’s made in the 80s tops. It’s the size and weight of a fully stocked ammo crate, and I ain’t talkin’ nerf.

I hope you enjoy the video. Or, better still, recognise it for the half-hearted amateurism it is and find an appropriately funny way to banter me off.