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Shinbones Man - Ray Man Dinner (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I built a FuzzDog SpectreVerb pedal, which I completed this morning. I modified it with the “dwell” mod which allows it to go into self-oscillation. I did this little track with a Behringer TD-3-MO, a Behringer RD-6, and this pedal I’ve built :-) Also using an analog mixer this time, which is nice for the NIM-style parts of this piece.

First track in ages, and first track to not use my main studio rack in a very long time indeed! It’s nice to do something a bit different to get back into music.

You can see the build process of this effects pedal.

This is the first video I’ve shot entirely in 4k, since I realised my phone could pick so many cells, as they say. The NERDS. However, my workflow is that I upload my vids to Major Video Platform and export them so they don’t fill my NAS where I store the source for this website, so what you get here is compressed.

Download Ray-Man-Dinner.mp3