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Buzzing ungrounded kit-built telecaster - Gav tries to fix (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I built this guitar with my children during the horrors of lockdown (hence the uinique paint job!). It started buzzing…

Last week, I started recording my primitive grindcore project, “Reckoned As Dead“, and I planned to do it on this kit-built tele just for the lulz really. Sadly, I plugged it in and it just started buzzing and no notes came through. Even I don’t want to make music that extreme, so I switched to my wife’s old Yamaha guitar.

I got the tele on the bench yesterday and today I had a proper go at fixing it. Will I succeed? And, more importantly, will it grind?

Warning: video contains short bursts of grindcore during the sped-up disassembly/assembly/soldering scenes. Which is how grindcore is best enjoyed!