Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shinbones Man - Long Time Coming (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I started this track on 28th Jan, but it didn’t sit right. The mixer I use is primarily for church usage, and I had a couple of services I needed it for, and when I got home I couldn’t be bothered to recable it all… So there it sat! I didn’t do any music for two months, I was more busy fixing things and writing games.

And tonight, after using it for a church service, I wired it all back in and fired off a recording… Unfortunately my PC went to sleep during the recording so the XAir threw up its hands and didn’t record the whole track! The second half was a lot more extreme with noise and filter action and a lot more percussion breakdowns.

Oh well, this is what survived. I don’t fancy revisiting this track any more!


  • Behringer DM6 - chords
  • Behringer Wasp - bass
  • Squarp Pyramid - sequencer
  • RD-9 - drums
  • Make Noise 0-coast - topline

Download Long-Time-Coming.mp3