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Take To The Streets (flash)

By Gavin Davies

Digitised brawler in the style of Final Fight featuring digitised sprites

A classic Streets Of Rage style beat ’em up featuring me and my friends as digitised brawlers. Gosh, did I ever look that young?!

Music by VWF, Medusa Rock, Mr Jones and Triflesky

In a tragic move, Adobe killed Flash. So, to play this game, I recommend Ruffle. On my Mac, this game seems to be a bit glitchy in Ruffle - sometimes sprites get stuck on screen. The other Flash games on this site work fine in Ruffle, so I dunno what it is with this and End of Nightmares - both were Flash 5 I think, maybe I used some undocumented API in that that Ruffle didn’t port fully?


In case you do have Flash installed somehow, here it is below: