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Shinbones Man - Sprinkle Fish (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Very late at night (for me!) I decided to play synths rather than go to bed.

The sound behind the track

Slower and moodier than I usually go. I slowed down the tempo to faff about with the clock on the Make Noise 0-coast and it all sounded better so I kept it!

Hand-built delay, HoF reverb, RD8 and SR16 on the beats, modular and DM6 leads, 0-coast bass

A bit peaky on the audio interface, which is a shame because I like this track. I’m going to have to start using my decent Scarlett USB interface, not the cheap Behringer one I reckon… It’s just long to wire it all up! I might re-record this tune. With less worse keyboard playing. Maybe.

Download Sprinkle-Fish.mp3