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Gear4Music SubZero SZW wireless microphone system first impressions_review (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I bought one of these for £65 to evaluate for use in church and in a retirement community.

It’s a wireless mic system with a receiver, transmitter pack, and two microphones - a “madonna” headset and a tie mic.

Overall, it’s very good value for money and it sounds OK. However, I believe that pairing it with a channel strip is essential - an expander to gate the sound when the speaker isn’t speaking, and a compressor to even out peaks in volume, and a bit of high frequency detailing and de-easing, and it would sound clear I expect.

Biggest risk is, with all these units, the frequency band., This one is, I think, 863-865mhz, which is groovy for UK and Europe, but you risk the taxi bands clashing with you. You can pay a lot more for something in the 630ish region (I think!) if that is a problem.

I haven’t used this for reals yet, only in my house, but so far I’m very happy with it and I think it’ll work well, provided I pair it with a channel strip or run it through the Behringer XR12 digital desk’s processing to accomplish the same goals.

My unit arrived incomplete, so Gear4music next-day shipped me a complete second unit! Thanks guys, that is awesome of you.

I got my wife to wander around my Victorian-era terrace house (long and narrow) talking, and the range is decent, but by the back of the house it was breaking up. However, I suspect in an open hall, it won’t be a problem, but will have to test.

Recorded directly into my iPad via a Behringer u-phoria UMC22 USB audio interface.

UPDATE: I tried them in church this evening. Sounded fine (considering our crumbling desk and many hard surfaces) but sadly one of the packs kept switching itself off, which turned out to be due to a low battery - it was a long event, and I hadn’t realised the speakers wouldn’t go on for 90 minutes, by which time the batteries were flat!

Video of it in operation: