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Shinbones Man - Maintain the Weirdness (with video)

By Gavin Davies

A bit moody, a bit gothy, a bit sad, a bit groovy… A bit like me! :D

I went to Machina Bristolica on Saturday. It was ace! There were so many synths and modules to try out, so many interesting people to chat to…

I came back with a fistful of cables that light up!

The sound behind the track

I’m using a Squarp Pyramid to sequence. This is the first time I’ve used the Sequence mode rather than triggering each track live - this means I can cut between groups of tracks with a single press.

I faff around with the settings live. That’s what man DO!

I am told this is how Ableton works!

  • Chords: Deepmind 6
  • Lead lines: - TD-3-MO
  • Effects: hand-built by me delay, HoF reverb
  • Beats: SR-16 with claps on RD-6
  • Bassline: 0-coast
  • Mixer - Behringer Eurolive UFX2442-fx pro. This is the same mixer my church uses so I bought a second hand one from a nice man on so I could master its features! Big step up from my lil Xenyx

Download Maintain-the-Weirdness.mp3